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As a member of Living Well Now, you are welcome to use and share the following resources with your team.  If you create your own resources, please do NOT use the Living Well Now logo.


My Business Plan
Steps for Success Checklist


Guide to “Making Your List of 100 Possible Contacts” (From Eric Worre of GoPro)
Hosting a Class


Register for our weekly classes.

Following Up with New Customers

Checklist – Following Up with New Customers
Packet – Following Up With New Customers – Print and take with you when meeting with new customers on day 14+

Recommended Products – Preparing Your Next Order – PDF

Recommended Products – JPG

Preparing Your Next Order – JPG

Introducing the Young Living Business

Compensation Plan
Income Disclosure Statement

Helping a New Brand Partner Get Started

How to Support a New Brand Partner

Leading Your Team

Team Incentives
Flipping Ranks