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As a member of Living Well Now, you are welcome to use and share the following resources with your team.  If you create your own resources, please do NOT use the Living Well Now logo.


Tips for Building Your Dream Business
Steps for Success Checklist
Abundance Tracker
Creating My Foundation


Guide to “Making Your List of 100 Possible Contacts” (From Eric Worre of GoPro)
Hosting a Class


Sheet
101 Presentation Handout – Print and give to participants to take notes and participate in the giveaway described in the script
101 Presentation Script
101 Presentation Slides
Diffuser Options – Print and have available during sign-up

Script and Images – Use when promoting & hosting a virtual class

102 Presentation Outline – Use this for your follow up class “I Have My Oils… Now What?” with new members
102 Presentation Slides

2 separate events, host part 2 one-and-a-half weeks after part 1
Part I – 14 Day Challenge – Script and Images – Use when promoting and hosting class
Part II – Beyond The Starter Kit – Script and Images – Use when promoting and hosting class

Following Up with New Members

Checklist – Following Up with New Members
Packet – Following Up With New Members – Print and take with you when meeting with new members on day 14+
Welcome Email – Email a personalized version to new members on day 1
Unboxing Your Starter Kit – Email to new members on day 3
100 Uses for Your Premium Starter Kit – Email to new members on day 7
Essential Rewards Explained – Email to new members on day 10
Essential Rewards Script – Review this script prior to your follow up meeting
Circles Script – Review this script prior to explaining the business
Circles – Picturing Your Downline (this doc is also included in the “Packet – Following Up With New Members”)
Event Punch Cards (Avery Template 8871)

Introducing the Young Living Business

Business Opportunity Script
Business Opportunity Slides
How to Lead
Compensation Plan
Income Disclosure Statement
Video – Business Opportunity 101 Class
Video – Connie Marie McDanel’s Presentation
Video – How do I make my first $300 with Young Living

Helping a New Business Builder Get Started

How to Support a New Member
Team Values and Vital Behaviors

Leading Your Team

Executive Leaders and Above are encouraged to use these presentations and notes for continued education for their teams:
Presentation Outline – Dream Building Session
Tips for Building Your Dream Business
Senior Star Award
Team Incentives
Flipping Ranks


Compliance Hot Words and Spring Cleaning
30 Days of Social Media Posts
Power of Progression
Inviting Scripts
Rock Award

Living Well Now Social Media


Industry Leaders
Dani Johnson Bootcamp
Andrea Lahman – YL Diamond
Sarah Robbins’ Objection Series
Robert Kiyosaki– The Perfect Business
Vicki Opfer – YL Royal Crown Diamond
Connie Marie McDanel – YL Royal Crown Diamond
Jim Rohn’s Building Your Network Marketing Business

Tax Strategies
Video – Sandy Botkin of TaxBot shares tax strategies for your home-based business