The Best Part About Us Is...

It's NOT About Us

Living Well Now Is A Movement Of People

We are determined to transform the future of the average family. We have a focus on wellness, purpose, and abundance. 

In a world filled with fear and trauma, the Lahman’s seek to bring about hope and light where there is darkness.

Through the years, we have encountered men, women, and families desperate to improve their circumstances– some are in abusive relationships, struggling with addiction, clinging to perfectionism or self-sabotage that is holding them back from their true potential.

Many find that within the safety of our community, they release old beliefs that do not serve them anymore and adjust their habits to live with more intention, positivity, and self-compassion. 

Living Well Now Team Images
2012 Lahman Family at Convention
Deborah and John Lahman- Young Living Farm in Mona UT

Principles of prosperity

In 2008, Deborah and John Lahman founded Living Well Now. They focused their efforts based on 7 Principles Of Prosperity that continue to undergird their family’s commitment to sharing abundant blessings and being good stewards of God’s resources.

The 7 Principles Of Prosperity are: 

  1. Heritage
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Service
  4. Stewardship
5. Intentionality 
6. Mission
7. Legacy 

The LWN Foundation

The Living Well Now Foundation’s mission is to help people of all backgrounds have access to body-mind-spirit wellness education, coaching, and transformative experiences. Through LWN Foundation retreats, speaking engagements, workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, and scholarships we will provide individuals, organizations, and communities opportunities to choose body-mind-spirit wellness expansion.

LWN Foundation photo collage
Living Well Now Service Projects

Living Well Now lives these values by example  in these tangible ways, to name a few: 

🔸  Creating a team of 14,000+ Young Living customers and brand partners 

🔸  Innovating the future through Living Well Now Foundation (Read more about that HERE)

🔸  Offering service opportunities like Adopt-a-Highway in their community

🔸  Supporting the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation in their various philanthropy projects 

🔸  Facilitating personal growth and expansion at team retreats, leadership gala celebrations and events 

🔸  Generously donating time and resources to those in need

🔸  Supporting friends and family on mission trips and attending when possible

🔸  Truly listening and caring about others

🔸  Offering training and education opportunities for the LWN team, as well as the larger Young Living community.

🔸  Building houses in Mexico as part of a mission

🔸  Celebrating as a team in places like Sedona, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City

Check out our photo gallery below for some of our incredible group experiences!

More wisdom and insights are now available to the public as Deborah and John are pre-releasing their book- available in a special bundle while supplies last!  

If you would like to get involved with Living Well Now please let us know!

Our oily family has room for YOU at the table!