Deborah's Story


One of Deborah’s early dreams in the early 1980s was to learn more about holistic health. She consistently has been an informal student of many prevention and intervention strategies over the years that have been an integral part of their family’s health and wellness journey. She also started to look for the opportunity to create and actively participate in several business endeavors as a family.

Another of Deborah’s dreams was to be a school counselor. She served as an intervention specialist for 16 years in public schools. Some of her favorite lessons to teach were “Managing Your Feelings In Positive Ways”; “Building Your Self-Esteem Through Cooperation And Respect For Others”; and “Creating A Learning Environment Of TEAM (together everyone accomplishes more).”

Young Living came into her life in 2006, when she was beginning the peri-menopause stage of life.  In addition to regular chiropractic care, healthy nutrition and reducing stress, the hormone balancing properties of Young Living essential oils made a huge difference in her life. She became an avid YL product user from that moment on, and gave her children their first oils as Christmas gifts to introduce them to the company.

Deborah Lahman

A few years later, with her business owner skillset fully engaged and by enlisting the support of her daughter-in-love Andrea and daughter Angela, they created Living Well Now, undergirded by quality, plant-based products from Young Living.  In their early years with YL, the business maintained a huge emphasis on teaching the health benefits of the products. 

In the summer of 2012, they launched their system to the masses, with boldness to teach people the business opportunity with a duplication system. Inspired by YL leaders, mindset and motivation coaches, and thought leaders, the Living Well Now team expanded its reach to include leaders across the US and beyond. They expertly combined health/wellness passion, business owner knowledge, and basic counseling strategies to teach, empower, and equip women and men to fulfill their dreams of becoming financially independent through network marketing and Young Living.

Andrea, Deborah and Angela Lahman
The Early Days! 2012 Young Living Convention
Deborah Lahman

Their vision as a team is to help others live their healthiest lives and build successful businesses. With a unique twist of being a family of entrepreneurs, we work to collaborate for success using our best gifts of synergy, stewardship, and service to others

Deborah and John own a home in California where they spent time over the last few years focused on their radical transformation individually and as a retired couple. They released their book, Embracing Amazing,  in 2021 as a guide for other parents in the trenches of raising strong families.

Together they created the Living Well Now Foundation with their son, Aaron. They look forward to hosting workshops, and retreats in their Carlsbad home as well as leading travel experiences in the areas of health, wellness, balanced living, and leadership for people of all ages. 

Deborah was exemplified by her commitment to team building and community-centeredness.

She passed from her earthly life early Sunday evening November 27, 2022, surrounded by her family in Carlsbad, California. 

Deborah Lahman
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