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Once upon a time teachers were revered, respected, and compensated appropriately in the United States

04/12/2019 Aaron Lahman

But then….things started to change….. And teachers began to see their salaries stay the same….for years…. And unfortunately, this wasn’t due to a decline in their weekly hours dedicated to honing their craft…. This was due to shifting policies and funding lacking.


So, teachers went and got second jobs….some even got multiple jobs to help cover their monthly bills and to fund their childrens’ dreams….

And many teachers wondered, how might I continue my life as an educator and actually be paid what I’m worth?

35 students to 1 teacher....cake walk?! I think not.

-Aaron Lahman.

Oh, and did I mention that…not only was their salary frozen, but their student numbers also increased at the same time! 35 students to 1 teacher….cake walk?! I think not.

Some teachers went to charter schools, or other districts, pursued administration degrees and positions, or chose to find new careers all together….

And some teachers found new fulfillment and excitement about an opportunity to educate people about amazing wellness products via growing a network marketing business with Young Living….

Angela, Andrea, Nan, Aaron, Deborah and many other former teachers have found new life and new excitement as network marketing professionals with Young Living!

It’s not for everyone…but what if it is for you?! What if you could grow a powerful organization of people excited to grow in wellness, purpose, and abundance?! What if you could finally be paid what you are worth as you pour love from your heart and soul each day? What if you could help someone transform their health? What if you could help a business partner have more family time?

Seven years ago I was an underpaid overworked high school English teacher and while I loved the kids and enjoyed teaching, I didn’t know if I could continue that path for the next 30 years. It was around that time that I was introduced to the income opportunity through Young Living and fell in love with the idea of getting to work from home sharing wellness with others. That year, in the crevices if my days and weeks, I created an income that allowed me to leave public education and to continue my teaching in natural wellness.

-Andrea Lahman.

Sooo….what if you have a passion for educating people and aren’t being taken care of financially?!!

Where will you go?

Perhaps you will choose to partner with one of our Living Well Now leaders and grow your own successful business!!