It’s not a million dollars that changes lives…it’s the extra thousand.
What would your life look like if you made a few extra hundred dollars a week? A thousand extra a month? Realistically, how would that change your life? What bills could you pay and what new things could you do?

At Living Well Now, we would love to see what one thousand members earning $1000 or more a month with their Young Living businesses looks like. This is where our Ignite event comes in – to fuel your potential and ignite your business.

What is Ignite?

Whether you’re just starting your YL business or you’re a Gold going for Platinum, this event is for you! The go-getter who demands more and is willing to put in the work to get it.

Created by leaders who share your dreams, we’re here to show you how we were able to ignite our YL businesses to the top ranks. In this live 2-day event, you’ll learn & practice proven skills that can lead to success at every rank. Join us – together this spark will become a flame.

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Lindsay Teague Moreno

Lindsay is a Royal Crown Diamond, podcaster, and author of two books,  Getting Noticed and Boss Up. As a momtrepreneur with 13+ years of experience, she’s grown her team to over 525,000 members in under 6 years while raising her 3 daughters with her husband, Michael. Lindsay is passionate about blowing the doors off the stigma that motherhood and entrepreneurship cannot coexist. When Lindsay is not speaking or writing you can find her avoiding chores like laundry and dishes, singing iPhone karaoke, and calculating the exact amount of dry shampoo, in oz, that she will need to get her through another week.

Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton

Dr. Jim Bob is a geeky science guy from Texas who loves how physiology works and talks way too much about it. Married to Cindy a superhero hottie with 4 kids (almost 5) earthside and one more waiting in heaven. He is a Chiropractor, Crown Diamond leader, and oily nerd. He says that “Health is simple, it’s just not easy” and he has a passion for seeing people fully healed. He makes geeking out on oils and wellness fun, engaging and easy to understand.

Tracey Nielson

Tracey is a Crown Diamond with Young Living, is an author and entrepreneur. She went from from starter kit to Crown Diamond in just 4 years and launched the app OilyTrends with her husband Trevor, while raising three boys at home and blogging over at She loves to help others grow their Young Living businesses with analytics and relationship marketing strategies. She’ll be sharing insights that will help to boost customer loyalty and team growth.

About Your Hosts

Deborah & John started with Young Living in 2007 and founded their own independent distribution company “Living Well Now” shortly thereafter. Today, the entire family is on a mission to build up Thousandaires, people who earn about $1000/ month in part-time hours as residual income with Young Living Essential Oils. Our annual Ignite event inspires, connects, celebrates and creates Thousandaire earners with the most relevant skills and growth mindset training to crush their goals!

February 20, 2021


  • 8:00am - 9:00am Registration/ Vendor Expo Open
  • 9:00pm - 1:00pm Morning Session
  • 1:00pm - 3:00pm Lunch
  • 3:00pm - 7:00pm Afternoon Session

I have been overwhelmed and just never made the effort to pursue greatness in this company, but coming here has put my fears aside and has given me the confidence, motivation and courage to go above and beyond to change others’ lives but most importantly my own.

- Kelly J. -

Should You Attend?
If you want more out of life & are determined to get to the next level, but don’t know how to get there just yet – our Ignite event is for you.

From the thriving professional who wants to grow their team, to the discouraged novice whose fuse is ready to be relit & the curious beginner who’s ready to dream big – we will equip and inspire you to “Thousandaire Status” in a spirit of community and fun.

What You Get:

1. Raw, real sharing about the pitfalls and peaks of living a naturally minded lifestyle.
2. Product knowledge you can use to share YL product (the basis of building this business).
3. Insights to building a successful network marketing business.

EDUCATION: We invite powerful speakers who have experienced success and share their tools and resources, so you can build your business with grace and ease.

COMMUNITY: We see transformation happening when we show up to serve, are ready to make an impact, & invite others to join in. Together we all win.

BELIEF: We envision 1000 Thousandaires who are earning $1000 or more with their business because they are willing to show up, be coachable, and embrace the vision of what’s possible.

VIP Experience

Coming soon


Ignite is a business casual attire event.
We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the event to give yourself time to park and register.
If you choose to park at the Renaissance Hotel, you will receive a $5 discounted coupon at the time of event registration. You may also park at the Westgate parking lot next to the hotel. However, parking fees may apply. If you pay a fee for this parking lot, be sure to ask for a validation if you go to lunch at one of the restaurants in the Westgate area.
No outside food is allowed in the Renaissance Hotel. The hotel does offer a small caffeina with Starbucks and food choices as well as full service restaurant and bar. The Westgate area offers a wide variety of additional restaurant options within walking distance as well.
Yes, you may bring water to the event. We are pleased to offer filtered water stations all day long in the event room for your convenience.
This event is geared for the aspiring and serious Young Living business builder, in which we recommend the age of sixteen and older to attend. All ages must purchase a ticket if a seat is needed. Infants may come with you, but please be courteous to those around you with noise or movements that may cause distraction. We do not have a separate room for children, however, we can provide a private space for nursing, if needed. Please let us know in advance if you are requesting this private space.
For every 20 tickets sold, one VIP tickets will be given away.
Purchase tickets for your chance at a VIP ticket. For every 20 tickets sold, one VIP tickets will be given away.
We are not currently offering Live Streaming for our event this year.
Yes, the event is recorded. Please stay tuned for information on obtaining the recording.
We have a limited amount of rooms at a discount block rate for the Renaissance Hotel. Please email for more information. There are also several hotels and Airbnb options in the nearby area.
We apologize but there are no refunds for this event. We recommend transferring your ticket to someone who can attend.