It’s not a million dollars that changes lives…it’s the extra thousand.

Maybe you want to create your own side-hustle with a residual income stream in the coming months and years?

What would your life look like if you made a few extra hundred dollars a week? A thousand extra a month? Or $12,000 a year? Realistically, how would that change your life? What bills could you pay and what new things could you do?

At Living Well Now, we would love to see what one thousand members earning $12,000 or more a year with their Young Living businesses looks like. This is where our Ignite event comes in – to fuel your potential and ignite your business.*

What is Ignite?

Whether you’re just starting your YL business or you’re a Gold going for Platinum, this event is for you! The go-getter who demands more and is willing to put in the work to get it.

Created by leaders who share your dreams, we’re here to show you how we were able to ignite our YL businesses to the top ranks. In this live 2-day event, you’ll learn & practice proven skills that can lead to success at every rank. Join us – together this spark will become a flame.

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Lindsay Teague Moreno

Royal Crown Diamond | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Lindsay is a Royal Crown Diamond, podcaster, and author of two books, Getting Noticed and Boss Up. As a momtrepreneur, with 13+ years of experience, she’s grown her team to over 525,000 members in under 6 years while raising her 3 daughters with her husband, Michael. Lindsay is passionate about blowing the doors off the stigma that motherhood and entrepreneurship cannot coexist. When Lindsay is not speaking or writing, you can find her avoiding chores like laundry and dishes, singing iPhone karaoke, and calculating the exact amount of dry shampoo, in ounces, that she will need to get her through another week.

Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton

Dr. Jim Bob is a geeky science guy from Texas who loves how physiology works and talks way too much about it. Married to Cindy, a superhero hottie with 4 kids (almost 5) earthside and one more waiting in heaven. He is a Chiropractor, Crown Diamond leader, and oily nerd. He says that “Health is simple, it’s just not easy,” and he has a passion for seeing people fully healed. He makes geeking out on oils and wellness fun, engaging and easy to understand.

Tracey Nielson

Crown Diamond - Co-founder

Tracey is a Crown Diamond with Young Living, an author and entrepreneur. She went from starter kit to Crown Diamond in just 4 years and launched the app OilyTrends with her husband, Trevor while raising three boys at home and blogging over at She loves to help others grow their Young Living businesses with analytics and relationship marketing strategies that will help to boost customer loyalty and team growth.

Richard Brooke

Author, Trainer, Ontological Coach, Keynote Speaker

Richard has been a full-time network marketing sales leader, coach and company owner since 1977. He built his own team of 30,000 people by the time he was 28 years old and then went on to own his own company for 30 years. In 1992, Success Magazine did a cover story on his company’s success. He is a Diamond with Young Living, the author of Mach 2 with Your Hair on Fire as well as The Four Year Career®. Richard speaks all over the world on the subjects of Transformational Development, Ethical Network Marketing, Listening and Self-Motivation.

Andrea Lahman

Diamond Leader with Living Well Now

Andrea Lahman is a high school teacher turned entrepreneur. In 2013, she “burned the ships” as she stepped into the Young Living business after ten years of public education. Since then her business has grown to over six-figures and she leads a team of close to 10,000 members. As one of the featured stories in The Four Year Career For Women, Andrea, along with the other Living Well Now leaders, has a dream of empowering 1000 families to become Thousandiares with their Young Living businesses. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys traveling the world with her husband, Andy and two children, Bennett and Grant.

Aaron Lahman

Gold Leader with Living Well Now

Aaron is passionate about helping others say yes to greater bodymind-spirit wellness! Aaron loves deep-dive conversations, giving massages, as well as singing karaoke and dancing! Aaron hosts the Our Healing Voices podcast and YouTube channel. He interviews people about their life’s journeys, their personal healing, and the ways in which they are seeking to bring healing awareness to others. Aaron also loves hosting small transformative retreats on behalf of the Living Well Now Foundation! Aaron is excited to continue to invite others into this Young Living network marketing world, believing that if we humans are going to enjoy many more generations of joy and love on this EARTH, it is necessary for all of us to choose sustainable, health and wellness options for ourselves and our families!


Platinum, Author, Holistic Health Specialist

RubyKay is an author, speaker, and holistic health specialist. Mother of three, and a wife to her high school sweetheart, RubyKay has a huge heart for adoption. She started her Young Living career as an adoption fundraiser 8 years ago and is now a Platinum leader. For over 25 years, RubyKay battled multiple autoimmune issues. In the past 12 years, she found healing and created a life filled with gratitude, joy, courage, and vitality. She is passionate about sharing Christ-centered holistic wellness with everyone she meets. RubyKay created the “FOCUS Transformation System.” She uses this as a way to share the tools that have helped in her journey.

Angela Lahman

Platinum Leader with Living Well Now

Angela Lahman is a Platinum leader with Young Living Essential Oils. She brings with her a wealth of experience in leadership development, which includes her first career experience as a public school teacher. Additionally, Angela co-created Living Well Now, a movement of people determined to change the wellness, purpose, and abundance of average families everywhere. Among her many interests, she is fascinated with how essential oils benefit emotional health, using integrative modalities for spiritual awareness while teaching others to embrace their own personal growth. In her spare time, Angela enjoys hiking, adventures with her new husband, Jerry, and supporting their active teenagers to live their best lives.

Deborah Lahman

Diamond Leader with Living Well Now

Deborah is a Diamond with Young Living. She is passionate about supporting others to live healthy lifestyles and to build successful multigenerational businesses. With her passion for mentoring, Deborah and her family are successfully cultivating and growing a synergistic team, Living Well Now. She is a passionate Health and Wealth Educator/ Coach inspiring people to embrace a mindset of wellness, purpose, and abundance. As an entrepreneur, Deborah has combined the things she loves most - family, teaching, and wellness - to create a successful business. She enjoys organizing and leading events and sharing her business successes with family, friends, and people all over the world.

Katie Strong

Gold Leader with Living Well Now

7 years ago Katie dove into Young Living just wanting safer products for her newborn son. Now Katie enjoys sharing her time-saving tips that she uses to help grow a team that produces 1.4 million in sales a year while being a wife, mom, and working a demanding corporate job.

Nan Gillispie

Gold Leader with Living Well Now

Nan is a Gold Leader with Young Living and has been a member for 8 years while focusing on the business for 7 years. Nan is the mom of two grown sons and the grandmother of 2 amazing boys. Her greatest passions in life are family, education, dogs, spreading hope and love, and growing personally daily. She focuses on the freedom this business has provided by spending time traveling with her husband and spoiling her grandsons.

Courtney Taylor

Silver Leader with Living Well Now

Courtney is a Silver leader who has been with Young Living for 6 years. She enjoys traveling the country with her husband Andy on their Harley any chance they get. Courtney has been working from home since she left corporate America 2.5 years and is loving it! Young Living has given her the opportunity to not only run her business from home, but also take over the office operations of the trucking company her husband started 6.5 years ago. She has really enjoyed being able to work her Young Living business from anywhere. In her spare time, she enjoys spoiling her beagle, Rosco along with her nieces and nephews, scrapbooking her travel adventures, visiting breweries, and adding to her tattoo addiction.

Carrie Jo O’Connor

Gold Leader with Living Well Now

Carrie originally from Chicago, now lives in Arizona where she is married to Kevin who she met in the 3rd grade. She is a mom of 3 and grandmother of 5 with one more coming in May. She retired from her day job as a hairdresser of 33 years after finding and building her Young Living business for 5 years. She is the recipient of the YL’s 5x5 pledge award in the “Reach” category due to her over 360 personally enrolled members.

Connie McDanel

Royal Crown Diamond

Connie Marie McDanel was a veteran teacher who turned entrepreneur. She started her business creating awareness about hidden toxins within our homes and expanded the healing home movement to 20 countries and has impacted over 100,000 families. As a Royal Crown Diamond, her influence has now evolved into mentoring entrepreneurship to women so that they can renew or ignite the desires within their hearts.

Brandon Barber

Practical Psychologist and Coach at Brandon Barber Coaching

Brandon Barber has worked with over half a million entrepreneurs over the past 18 years to help them get mentally and emotionally stronger through mentoring and coaching. Because he has faced his own struggles with anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, and home/ work balance, he is uniquely qualified to work with leaders and their teams to create more fulfillment, happiness, and success in their lives.People who have engaged with his coaching programs and workshops are able to create a better work/life balance, save time, eliminate stress, and create wealth.

About Your Hosts

Living Well Now is a team with vision - in a way - we are a movement of people determined to transform the future of the average family with a focus on wellness, purpose, and abundance. If you’re willing to do the work, we are willing to be your support by helping you along the way through our successful system. You can launch & ignite your YL business with duplication, you can choose from our professional development offerings each year, and you can become the person you've always known you could be!

February 20, 2021


  • 3:00pm - 5:00pm Afternoon Session - Beyond Thousandaire Ignite Add-on $20
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm Diamond Panel
  • 8:30am Zoom Pre-Party
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm Main Event
  • 1:00pm Lunch Zoom Party
  • Following Event After party on zoom immediately following

Should You Attend?
If you want more out of life & are determined to get to the next level, but don’t know how to get there just yet – our Ignite event is for you.

From the thriving professional who wants to grow their team, to the discouraged novice whose fuse is ready to be relit & the curious beginner who’s ready to dream big – we will equip and inspire you to “Thousandaire Status” in a spirit of community and fun.

What You Get:

1. Raw, real sharing about the pitfalls and peaks of living a naturally minded lifestyle.
2. Product knowledge you can use to share YL product (the basis of building this business).
3. Insights to building a successful network marketing business.

EDUCATION: We invite powerful speakers who have experienced success and share their tools and resources, so you can build your business with grace and ease.

COMMUNITY: We see transformation happening when we show up to serve, are ready to make an impact, & invite others to join in. Together we all win.

BELIEF: We envision 1000 Thousandaires who are earning $1000 or more with their business because they are willing to show up, be coachable, and embrace the vision of what’s possible.*

Ticket Holder Perks

  • Diamond Panel Q&A Session
  • Prizes Before & During The Event
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Coaching Calls w/ Leaders
  • Exclusive Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Graphics For Your Business
  • 30 Day Access To Recordings
  • We’ll be giving out one VIP ticket for every 50 tickets sold.


How do I access the event?

You should have received an email from Living Well Now via Eventbrite or Deborah Lahman that contains an access link and your unique access code. This code is specific to you and can only be used on one device at a time.

What is the event schedule?

A full schedule of the event is located here

What do I do if I need help?

We have tech support staff on hand to help with any technical issues you may be having.
Contact tech support.

Is the event recorded?

Yes! Speaker content will be recorded with the exception of Lindsey Teague Moreno, per her contract; she will only be available live. Zoom Parties will not be recorded.

How long will I have access to the recording?

Ticket holders have access to the recording for 30 days.

Where will the recording be?

A link to access the recording will be sent to you via email and will come from Living Well Now or Deborah Lahman via Eventbrite or Deborah Lahman. Once ready, they’ll be available in your Ignite Event Portal.

Are you issuing refunds since the event is now virtual?

The Ignite team has chosen not to issue refunds. We realize that the event is now virtual instead of in-person, yet we are still bringing the same quality content you have come to expect from us. If you purchased multiple tickets for Ignite, consider who you had in mind, when making that purchase, to attend alongside you. Reach out to these same people so you can learn and grow together. Do you have a new team member in which you see potential? They may not yet see the value in events, so consider gifting them a ticket. Updating your tickets with a new name, email and phone in Eventbrite takes just a few simple steps. This short, this 1 minute video walks you through the process.

How do I access the private Facebook group?

Access the private Facebook group here.