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Aroma Freedom Technique – Oils and Emotions

What is Aroma Freedom? 
A proven method of using essential oils, combined with specific focusing exercises, to identify and release the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that block a person from realizing their dreams and intentions.

The goal is to remove negative thoughts and to shift into a positive mindset about reaching your goal, and to open up to your inner guidance about how to achieve the goal.

This is taking essential oils and emotions to a whole other level. In each session, you’ll learn what Aroma Freedom is, how to do it, and what oils we need to get it done.

You’ll NEED these oils for both of our classes – get them in advance so you can get the FULL effect of this AFT session.

• Lavender • Release
• Frankincense • Trauma Life
• Stress Away • Valor (or Believe)
• Inner Child • Lemon (or Transformation)

aft book and oils

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Aroma Freedom Monthly Live Online Class – $15/ session

This one hour group session is led by Angela Lahman (certified AFT practitioner) and provides a clear introduction to the original Aroma Freedom, all the benefits, and how to get started in living an essentially centered life. Click HERE to see our schedule and to register.

Aroma Freedom 101 Facebook Membership Group – $50

This exclusive, private group provides you with
  • access to our 10+ Video Modules Training you on each step of the technique + updates for 2022
  • live monthly group sessions
  • support, encouragement and feedback from a private community
  • direct access to Angela Lahman (certified AFT practitioner).
  • lifetime access to all recorded sessions

Click HERE to purchase. Click HERE to register. Click HERE to join the group.

Aroma Freedom Exclusive Coaching – $250

Private coaching for those who are committed and serious about growth! This 3-month coaching will help you focus on success!

You’ll receive the Group Membership PLUS our new exclusive private coaching!

What’s Included:
  • Private coaching with Angela, Aroma Freedom Practitioner
  • Personalized monthly sessions for 3 months (2- 45 min. sessions/ month)
  • A detailed plan of action, unique for your current life goals.
  • Let go of what’s holding you back in your mindset
  • Personal accountability

Set up a quick and personal chat with Angela to determine payment balance and future scheduling needs: https://calendly.com/angela-lahman/15min

Team Aroma Freedom Session:

Package 1) $10 per guest for an hour long session (Min 10 guests)

  • Intro to AFT (20 minutes) (Must have own Oils prior)
  • Focused attention on chosen Goal/Intention (40 minutes)

Package 2) $25 per guest for an hour long session (Min 10 guest)

  • No detailed Intro to Aroma Freedom, prerequisite is Package 1.
  • Group goal-setting and brainstorming facilitation included.
  • Participants will have their own oils and be prepared to use the session to clear blocks related to success in Young Living business goals. (60 minutes)