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Established in 2007, based in Phoenix Arizona, and founded by Deborah Lahman and her family, Living Well Now – Health & Business Coaches is a team of over 10,000 members who help people live healthy lifestyles and build successful businesses via essential oils, nutrition, beauty, and natural home products.


Deborah & John Lahman

Diamond Leaders

Deborah & John started with Young Living in 2007 and founded their own independent distribution company “Living Well Now” shortly thereafter. They have been married for 41+ years and are both former educators (25+ years). They love sharing the health & financial benefits of Young Living with their family, friends, and community. They love organizing & leading events, retreats, and hang outs with their super cool YL peeps. YL Member #902570

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Angela Lahman

Platinum Leader

Angela has 7+ years experience using & sharing Young Living products. She worked full time as a teacher while building a successful Young Living business. She is now “all in” (retired from teaching, yeah!) and focused on empowering & equipping women and their families to to reach their health, business and life goals. She is a single mom of two, Elena (12) and Dasan (10), and loves sharing mischievous adventures with them. YL Member #973457

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Andrea & Andy Lahman

Crown Diamond Leaders

Andrea & Andy are both former teachers and have 7+ years experience building their successful Young Living business. They specialize in helping & educating families to achieve physical, emotional, spiritual and financial wellness. In addition, they love homeschooling their kids, Bennett (4) and Grant (7), traveling the world, and helping others to dream big! Real big!! YL Member #970979

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Sara Leoni & Aaron Lahman

Gold Leaders

Sara is a former yoga teacher & makeup artist and Aaron is a former high school teacher & massage therapist. They have been successfully building their Young Living business full time since 2014 and specialize in working with millennials & young families. They love helping others to improve their health and to build successful businesses : ) YL Member #981248

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