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Intro to Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) – Oils and Emotions

Do you want to optimize your use of AFT with specialized coaching from a certified practitioner?

Then click HERE sign up for our 10-day interactive Facebook class offered every month on Facebook! We talk about all things AFT. Once you sign up you receive an email with the videos and an invite to our group! PLUS you will be invited to a monthly live AFT session led by Angela Lahman (certified AFT practitioner).

What is AFT? 
An entirely new method of using essential oils, combined with specific focusing exercises, to identify and release the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that block a person from realizing their dreams and intentions. 

The goal is to remove negative thoughts and to shift into a positive mindset about reaching your goal, and to open up to your inner guidance about how to achieve the goal.

This is taking essential oils and emotions to a whole other level. In this session, you’ll learn what AFT is, how to do it, and what oils we need to get it done. 

You’ll NEED these oils for the session – get them in advance so you can get the FULL effect of this AFT session. 
• Lavender
• Frankincense
• Stress Away
• Inner Child
• Release
• Lemon (or Transformation)
• Valor (or Believe)